Friday, 15 October 2021

مقتل 3 مزارعين في هجوم جديد على الهضبة



At least three farmers were killed early Friday morning when a person was injured in Nkendonoro village of Miango district, Basa local government district, Plateau state.

Madison Davidson, a spokesperson for the Irigoy, told the that the farmers were on their way to the farm when the thugs attacked them, killing three of them and injuring one.

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Davidson said the incident was reported to the Bassa police chief.

He said, “Today the Irigoy tribe is in trouble again.

“Unfortunately, these rebels continue to kill us and occupy the land that God gave us, but we have not ceded anything to him.

"The government and security forces should intensify their efforts to protect the Irigoy people," he said.

Davidson, Revealing the Names of the Victims; Amos Daoud, Ginger Regui, Abdnego Amos, and Emmanuel Amos.

Our reporter even contacted State Police spokesperson, ASP Ubah Gabriel about the matter and said he would look into the matter if he got any information about the incident.

It is reported that on October 4, four members of the Irigoy tribe were wounded and three others were wounded in an attack on the village of Hawk.

The nomadic Fulani and Irigoy tribes have long been at odds over attacks on villages in Bassa.