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How To Share Data On MTN – MB Transfer 2019

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This article teaches how to share internet data with family and friends on the the MTN network.
Data sharing it a thumbs up to those on MTN and other Telecom networks the has similar package. Sharing is caring – with this with the data sharing and data transfer feature all MTN users can easily show real love to one another by sharing their data with them.
The MTN data sharing is very easy to execute, you can share data either by using the required USSD code or by sending SMS.
Before you can share or send data – you must know the required code, the mobile number you are sharing with (number must be MTN), you should also have above the value you want to send.
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How To Share Data On MTN
Sharing data on MTN is very easy, just follow the steps below.
Dial *131*2*1#
For registration – press 1
To change old PIN to a new one –
press 2
To buy data as a gift – press 3
For data sharing – press 4
As an evidence that you have successfully registered, you will receive an SMS with default PIN 0000. You will then be asked to register the Beneficiaries MSISDN.
You can create a new PIN by dialing
*131*2*5# or send a text message to short number 131: 0000 . For example SMS: “change 0000 9999 9999” and send to 131. Note:where 0000 is your old PIN or default PIN while 8888 is your new PIN. Once the PIN gets successfully changed, you will get a notification.
Before you can share data on MTN your minimum monthly Plan should be at least 250 MB , to make you eligible. Lesser amount of MB (data) will not allow you to share data.
How to share data bundle on MTN
Dial *141*2*163# to purchase a data set.
Dial *141*5# to activate MTN DataShare.
Choose “Manage Data Bundles ” and select “DataShare“
MTN Choice and TopUp Users
Dial 808 to activate Data Share calling or go to the closest MTN office.
Dial *141*5#
Press 4
Press 2
You can add up to 5 recipients to your MTN Shared Data Bundle simply dialing
*131*2*2# or sending “ADD” to 131 .
After adding recipients you can share data with just dial *131*2*3# or sending “Share ” to “131 “.
How to check your data share balance on MTN
This is very easy, it can be done either with a USSD code or by sending text message
Simply dial *691*7#
Send “Sharebalance ” to “131 “.