Wizkid and Davido: Who is the richest?

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria?
If we compare the income of Davido and Wizkid, then it will be obvious that the second earns a little more than the first one. However, the distinction is not really big. Besides, Wizkid has begun the way to success when he was still a child that attracts additional interest in his glory. Even if we can count their money, we can't make the same with their talent. It is impossible to compare their songs and progress because both of them are the best Nigerian rappers. The musical industry of the country would be something empty without them. And a large number of admirers of these musicians will agree with this fact.
Now we have learnt more about these famous guys and learnt some interesting facts about Wizkid and Davido. Their biographies are really worth your attention. Each of them has the right to be at the top. And it isn't important how much money each of them earns because the talent is an immeasurable indicator. Especially as it has no borders and musicians will be ready to please you with the tracks for a long time from now.
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