types of people you can help at
Iftar during this Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan, beyond
abstaining from eating from dawn to dusk,
comes with so many other recommended
socio-spiritual acts.
During the Holy month, wealthy Muslims
who are fortunate enough to associate
Ramadan with food and festivities are
enjoined to share their wealth with
millions of people in the world who have
nothing but hunger and poverty to
associate with Ramadan.
The whole act of fasting is a reminder of
the suffering and pains the poor go
through every day of their lives where
they have nothing to eat or drink on a
daily basis.
The purpose of fasting is to first
empathize with those who are less
fortunate and then to act upon that
empathy and help them.
There is no bigger incentive for a Muslim
to give back in Ramadan 2018 than the
fact that all rewards and blessings for
good deeds are multiplied double fold in
the Holy month of Ramadan.
Ramadan 2018 gives every wealthy
Muslims the opportunity to give back to
the society and earn Allah’s (SWT)
blessings and rewards.

When you prepare iftar at home, it is
recommended to make some extra food,
which you can then distribute among the
people in your community.
This piece highlights six types of people
that you can help at the time of iftar in
1. The poor/less privileged in your
This Ramadan, take a look at the poor
people in your community and share
your iftar with them. If you cannot
approach them personally, you can take
the food to the community mosque
where they can conveniently access the
food without any difficulty.
2. People in Hospitals (patients and
You can also visit hospitals during this
Holy month and distribute food amongst
the patients, their waiting families, and
the attending staff at the hospital. Many
hospitals usually do not have good
cafeterias or food choices for either the
patients or the attendants, hence, you
can make small food bags with the
essentials for iftar and give them out and
save them the difficulty of going miles to
look for Iftar.
3. Traffic police officers
While breaking your fasts with lavish
feasts for iftar at home, remember
people like the community traffic police
officers are serving their traffic duties
almost 24/7 and they may not get the
time to even break their fasts while they
are on the road.
This Ramadan, you can drive around and
hand out iftar food bags to the traffic
police officers so that they may also
break their fasts and enjoy a good meal
while on duty.
4. People stuck in traffic
In Ramadan, around the time of iftar,
people are often stuck in traffic while
trying to reach home. It is recommended
to always keep some extra fruits in your
car during Ramadan and if you see
people around you stuck on the road
during Maghrib, distribute these fruits or
some other food/drink item among them
so that they are able to break their fast
on time because at the end of the day,
Ramadan is all about sharing with others
and caring for them.
5. Street children
Prepare food bags for street children this
Ramadan; drive around the city and
distribute the food bags to the children
who are roaming the streets. If you
remember areas in the city where you
have seen street children hawking or
even begging, visit those places and give
them food.
6. Security guards
Almost every shop, every school, every
street that you see has a guard patrolling
it. You can give out the food bags to
them as well, they will really appreciate
There are plenty of people that can use
your help this Ramadan, all you have to
do is make the intention and then work
towards helping them.
Allah (SWT) loves those who are kind to
His creation and what better way to earn
Allah’s (SWT) love than by being good to
His creation?