political parties were organized
Borno state after Ali returns to APC

- Ali Modu is absent from the governor he has appointed
state of Borno in 2011
- PDP joins but it's just going to be it
- Ali Modu is now fleeing from PDP
return to his ANPP friends
Two governors of Borno State have been organized
after Ali returns to APC
A hijacking in Borno State, Senator Mali,
Ali Modu Sheriff, who ruled the state in
2003-2011, has reached the end of the year
No witchcraft had joined his party
APC after the PDP dismissed it
position of president.
He has been trying to get the PDP out of touch
years in court on who's the father of the journey
PDP was at that time after it broke out.
Invests in the streets of Borno a
on Friday, where they are shouting
following his car and Yirne! Yirne! Yirne!
watso! abandoned! watso! in their language
Kanuri. APC's release
public surprise and entertainment.

Hettima Governor, who has been interviewed, has met
they do not have snake and snake
former governor appointed in 2011 a
after the expulsion of the press
It is not known whether he wants to put another on
a governor in the state, or afraid
do not let the state evade it later
The governor of the state has made his own.