Government subscription: Osinbajo
identified three robbers
$ 3B in Jonathan's government

- The PDP party challenges the deputy
president who described the names
3 people kidnapped 3 billion dollars
federal government
- The names of those stolen are listed
$ 3billion worth of crude oil
during the reign of the former president
Goodluck Jonathan
Government referee: Osinbajo describes people
earns $ 3B in Jonathan's government
On Sunday, May 6
another assistant assistant
President Yemi Osinbajo, Laolu
He ordered the people to be
allegedly handled three billion dollars
math oil under the rule
former President Goodluck Jonathan
Our website,, has been reporting
The former minister of state was declared
diesel Diezani Allison Madueke, Jide
Unclean and Kolea Aluko as
those who paid her awards

Omar said Diezani, Omokore and Aluko
they pay the money, and no one
Some of those who came out denied that.
"We know about 2.1 billion bn
Armored Armors, yes yes a
The government is last. We have explained
names of men arrested
unrealized funds, are
accuse them of their handful money for people
and some of them come back
unrealized funds
where they found them. We have witnesses that
Many people point out that the government has
She passed over to bribery
rash shawl. "
Akande said they were the names
because some of the opposition party
PDP wants to blame for other crimes.
"And any attempts to eliminate
Nigerians' attention to accept
they will not be possible. That's a shame
PDP wants to convert Nigerians
fools, that will not happen. "
Just like our source at
former Minister of Finance
petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke, she accused
the commission of war and corruption
I did not understand the constitution
this country.
Former petroleum minister
talking with her assistant, Clem
Ability to report that
has removed N3.1 billion from the account
oil bank at the time
ministerial case.