Arewa Consultative Forum says it
cannot endorse Buhari because it
is a non partisan group

- Dr Anthony Sani, secretary-general of the
Arewa Consultative Forum says the group
cannot endorse Buhari,
- He also claimed that the non partisanship
of the group is the reason for this
- Sani noted that the ACF caters for all
northerners irrespective of party affiliations
Secretary-general of the Arewa
Consultative Forum, Dr Anthony Sani has
disclosed that the group cannot endorse
President Muhammadu Buhari given its
status as a non partisan group that caters
for all people of the north, irrespective of
political affiliations.
Sani who disclosed this during an
interview with Punch also claimed that
the ACF did not participate in a summit
which purportedly passed a vote of no
confidence on Buhari.

"ACF did not take part in the summit
which you claim passed a vote of no
confidence in President Buhari. Those who
organised the summit exercised their
democratic right to association and
"You have included ACF as part of those
who passed the vote of no confidence in
the President just because two members
wrote their status as coming from ACF,
but they did not attend the summit as
representatives of ACF. They did so in
their individual capacity. That explains
why ACF had to put the record straight to
the effect that ACF did not participate in
the summit and so cannot be expected to
own the outcome," he said.
When asked if the ACF will endorse
Buhari as the candidate of the north, Sani
says the group can only present a list of
qualities in candidates.
"ACF cannot be expected to be ahead of
political parties whose constitutional
roles include presentation of presidential
candidates. To do otherwise is not how
the platform, which comprises members
from different political parties, operates.
"We normally present a list of qualities
which voters should look out for in good
leaders in order to help them to make
informed decisions on the day of
elections. That has been our approach
since ACF is not partisan group.
Going further, he gave reasons why the
body cannot endorse any candidate for
that matter.
"I have told you that it is not the place of
ACF to endorse candidates on behalf of
political parties considering the fact that
the platform is not partisan; it comprises
members from different political parties.
"I hope you do not want ACF to play the
roles of political parties whose briefs
include presentation of candidates for
elections. What is more, there is still one
more year to go for a fair and realistic
assessment of performance of the
(incumbent) regime."